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14:2 Media is based in Singapore. We specialise in interior design photography.

14:2 Media is based in Singapore. We specialise in interior design photography. As professional interior design photographers, we pride ourselves to take high quality 4K definition photos. Using the latest technology of a 3D/VR camera, we can take wide angled shots unlike ordinary DSLR cameras. We can also create a virtual tour of the entire home interior to showcase the interior design as a complete all-round view.

Why Us

Why choose us

Unlike most professional photographers who uses DSLR cameras, we use one of the most technologically-advanced equipment to take photos of your home interior design. We can produce beautiful 4K definition photo within 2 working days.

We also take a shorter period of time for phototaking. Many photographers need about 6-8 hours with lots of equipments for phototaking. For us, we only need about 1-2 hours for the entire photoshoot.

We can also produce a 3D/VR all round walkthrough for your potential clients to view your past portfolios. It seems as though they are walking into the home you have designed. It is that realistic. As we depend heavily on technology and thus reducing man-hours, we charge way lower than most interior design photographers. Check out our prices!


Interior Design Photography 12x 4K Definition Photos. Additional Photos at $10.
Interior Design 360 Walkthrough 1x 3D/VR 360 Walkthrough Virtual Tour. 1 year free hosting. Subsequent year hosting at $8/month.
Videography (Interior Showcase) 1x 1.5 min video of the home's interior design. 3 revision max.
Videography (Interior Showcase + Interview) 1x 1.5 min video of the home's interior design with interview. 3 revision max.

Price Packages

Here's my awesome price rate

Name Ala Carte Package
Interior Design Photography + Interior Design 360 Walkthrough *up to 2500 sq ft $300 $720 for 3 or $1125 for 5
Videography (Interior Showcase) $550 $1320 for 3
Videography (Interior Showcase + Interview) $650 $1560 for 3

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